Trapping & TNR

MWHS is one of the few shelters that provides this highly sought-after service. Over 50% of the calls to the shelter relate to feral cats and kittens. Kittens are generally brought into foster care, while the adults are evaluated and either brought into the shelter or included in the T-N-R program or barn program, explained below.

Feral Colony Management/Feeding

To help curb cat over-population, MWHS has joined the many communities nation-wide in using the T-N-R program – humanely trapping feral cats; transporting the trapped cat(s) to our vet to be spayed or neutered, and to receive a brief medical evaluation and shots; and after a satisfactory recovery, returning the cat(s) to their original location.

In addition to T-N-R we provide food, water and shelter when possible, and monitor the animals for injury, illness and new additions to the colony.

Please learn more about the T-N-R program.