Birthday Fundraisers

Did you know that there is a quick, easy and safe way to raise funds for MetroWest Humane Society using Facebook? When you create a “Donate for My Birthday” fundraiser you also increase the MWHS support base on Facebook.

To create a “Donate for My Birthday” or any special event fundraiser:

  • Visit the Facebook Fundraisers page
  • Search for MetroWest Humane Society, Inc.
  • Set your fundraising goal and end date, and that’s it! Be sure to post your fundraiser on your timeline.

People can donate to your fundraiser in just a few clicks and MWHS receives donations from Facebook via the PayPal Giving Fund. Donations to nonprofits like MWHS are typically tax-deductible, so you could also send the names of your contributors to MWHS so we can thank them.