Foster Care Program

Our foster program is an integral part of our mission to save cats! The foster program works together with our shelter to ensure that any cats or kittens that need a little extra love and attention are in the right place. Sick and shy cats are better suited for foster homes, as are pregnant moms and very young kittens whose immune systems are not fully developed.

The best fostering spaces are those that are safe, quiet, and able to be closed off from the rest of your home. If appropriate, once your foster is comfortable in his space you might be able to let them explore the rest of your home. You really can use any type of space to foster a cat — a guest bedroom, spare room or home office are all great possibilities.

Being a foster parent involves the basics of cat care which includes feeding, cleaning, grooming, and playing with the cats. Our foster families also need to be able to transport their foster cats to vet appointments, which are typically at our shelter, transport to adoption meet-and-greets at the shelter and be able to take them to an animal hospital or one of our veterinarian partners if needed. Some of our cats require special care because they are sick or frightened, and kittens and pregnant cats typically need additional time from their foster. As each cat is individual, the needs will vary.

Because of this we are always looking for more experienced and devoted foster parents to join our team and help give these cats the safe environment they need! It is an incredibly rewarding job to see how much a cat’s personality changes in foster care when they are given the opportunity to bloom with some one on one attention.

MWHS provides food and medical care and the foster family provides time, love and socialization until the cats and/or kittens will be happy, healthy additions to their new families when they are adopted.

Join our foster care program today! If you live in the MetroWest area and can provide a foster home, please fill out our foster home application form and our foster coordinators will be in touch soon.

Additional information about providing foster care is available on our Fostering FAQ.

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