How to Adopt

Please read adoption policies below, along with the basics of adopting from MWHS. If you have any special concerns or requirements, please email us at or call the shelter at (508) 875-3776.

Planning Your Visit to MetroWest Humane Society

Our process includes a number of steps and may take an hour or more.

  • Complete our Adoption Application. This is an online application and, once submitted, you will receive a copy in your own email and it will go directly into the inbox of our adoptions counselors.
  • Participate in the adoption interview at the shelter with an adoption counselor. The discussion helps us understand your expectations and environment so we can assist you in finding the cat(s) that will be a good fit. The interview is our best assurance for a successful adoption. We do what we feel is in the best interest of our cats and reserve the right to decline an application for any reason.
  • Spend time at the shelter with the cat if a possible match has been made. The decision to adopt should not be made lightly, as the cat(s) will be with you for years to come. We prefer that all members of the family take part in the selection process and we encourage you to come back and visit again if you have the slightest uncertainty. It is stressful for an animal to go to a new home only to be returned to the shelter.
  • Review all paperwork with your adoption counselor regarding care of the cat you are adopting.
  • The cat(s) must leave the shelter in an approved cat carrier. Please consult with your adoption counselor if you have any questions about the carrier.
  • Your adoption counselor will provide suggestions and guidance to help you determine the best way to transition your cat(s) to his/her new home and will provide on-going telephone assistance if needed.

To adopt an animal from our shelter please be prepared to present these to the adoption counselor upon request:

  • Proof of being over 21 years old
  • Verification of home ownership, landlord’s consent if renting, or bylaws if living in a condo. Homeowners can provide mortgage or tax documents. Landlord approval may be obtained via a phone call or by providing written authorization on letterhead. Condo residents may provide copies of lease or condo agreements in lieu of bylaws.
  • Current health records for animals already in the prospective home. Alternatively, your adoption counselor can call your vet to obtain the information.

    Please call your vet ahead of time and let them know they have your permission to release this information to us.

Adoption counselors may, at their discretion, contact the applicant’s landlord and/or veterinarian for additional information.

MWHS adopts kittens in pairs unless there is already another young cat at the residence and there is an available “single” kitten at the shelter. Sometimes kittens in a litter will be particularly bonded to one another, and we may require those kittens to remain together, even if there is another cat in the household.

Complete the Adoption Application

Adoption Fees

Kittens: (6 months or less): $275 each | two kittens $500
Adults: $200 each | two adults $350
Sr. Cats: (10+ years old) $125
Sr. Citizen Discount: (65 + years old ID required) $25

Adoption fees include:

  • Feline leukemia & FIV blood test
  • Deworming, flea/tick/ear mite treatments as needed
  • Spay/neuter certificates for any kitten that has not been spayed or neutered prior to adoption
  • Age appropriate vaccinations: (included in the fee, depending on age of kitten at time of adoption)
  • Distemper vaccines – kittens require a series of 3
  • Rabies vaccine – cats must be at least 5 months old